Wildlife Ponds in Schools

Water is needed for all life and a water feature is a sure way to attract any wildlife. From a bird bath to a carefully planned pond, the choice is limitless. You can plan the plants and design of your garden for maximum enjoyment for your family and our native wildlife and have your own mini safari park!

It's not just as simple as letting your garden overgrow. We are always willing to advise and help encourage our wildlife in any situation. We can give advice on any project that is designed for harmony with nature.

Wildlife gardens look 100% natural and attract all types of wildlife. We have 17 species of bats in the UK and all of them eat insects - they consume tons of them from spring to autumn. If you grow flowers that attract a range of insects into your garden, it can become a feeding station for a multitude of wildlife such as bats and birds and nature foots the bill! Your garden can be a true wildlife garden. 

Whatever style or size of garden you have, you can encourage wildlife without compromise. All good wildlife gardens start with insects. The animals and birds that eat the insects are preyed on by larger wildlife and this continues naturally up the food chain. We can even help you build a synthetic badger set to attract badgers. There is no limit to the possibilities. 

Bring back wildlife starting with your own garden.

An unused area springs to life by attracting all creatures - especially the two-legged variety! It's safe and accessible for children of all ages, easy to maintain and stunning. Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue will give free advice and support to schools intending to create their own wildlife garden.

For a complete commercial package and a complete installation service for wildlife, gardens see our sponsor's site: www.harperasprey.co.uk


Outdoor Education Areas

Outdoor education and play serve to enhance a child’s learning and provide not only educational but also social benefits. The sense of ownership that children gain from being responsible for their wildlife garden can be extremely beneficial and can have a marked effect on children’s attitudes to school, themselves, other people and their surroundings. It may be the first opportunity a child has had to care for plants and animals in their natural surroundings.

A garden encourages a sense of maturity and ownership through joint endeavor and working with the community. In many urban environments, involving children in creating areas and landscapes actually reduces vandalism. The addition of a wildlife garden to your school also greatly enriches pupil's studying and the wide range of National Curriculum subjects that can be studied in the outdoor environment includes sciences, history, maths, and English. A wildlife garden can be used as an additional classroom and any subject can be studied in the relative calm and quiet gardens can induce. There are many benefits of having a wildlife garden in your grounds for both pupils and staff.


• Great resource for outdoor education and nature clubs

• Curriculum opportunities

• Valuable for wildlife especially in urban areas

• Provides opportunities for children to have direct contact with nature 

• Celebrate the importance of school grounds on National School Grounds Day (usually the first Friday in May) 

• Regarded positively by Ofsted Inspections

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue will give free advice and support to schools intending to create their own wildlife garden. For more details email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

For a complete commercial package and full installation service for wildlife, gardens see our sponsor's site: www.harperasprey.co.uk

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