School Talks

Throughout the year we give talks, share our wildlife and experience with people and children from a diverse background. With groups of adults such as the Women's Institute and the Rotary Club and children's groups like Brownies, Guides and Cadets. 


We are happy to attend School Fairs and County and Village Shows. We give talks to companies for their staff on site during pre-arranged breaks or lunch times.  We can bring some of our more sociable creatures to you and this enables us to reach people who would never normally encounter wildlife.  In some cases, it can help to dispel some of the myths and bad press that surrounds these colourful creatures. By creating and encouraging an understanding of our wildlife, it enables people to make their own informed decisions on the wonderful animals that they share their space with. Wildlife is an essential part of our food chain and without it there would be no us. We offer advice on encouraging all types of wildlife into your space and encouraging you to live alongside wildlife in a natural balance.

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