Corporate Sponsorship

Today’s customers are actively seeking out companies whose green credentials are in line with their own. Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue is keen to form alliances with local and international companies that are mutually beneficial and that share our commitment to wildlife, 

the environment and especially educating school age children

Working closely together we can create an integrated package of promotional opportunities tailored to meet your company’s needs and strategy, whilst at the same time supporting our work rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured and orphaned wildlife programs.

Marketing your product or services in this way is beneficial as well as providing an opportunity to build positive brand awareness.

By working with Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and showing Corporate Social Responsibility, you can ensure that your company gains the enhanced reputation created by being associated with a charity whose well respected in its specialist field.

We can work with your PR team to ensure you get up to date reports to enhance your staff newsletters/company magazines and own opportunities to be promoted through our national coverage in the media. 

We have strong relationships with all branches of the media, who love to cover stories of our patients and fundraising events etc. and sponsoring companies take much of the credit for those events.

Your company logo will appear on all our outgoing emails, letters, faxes and paperwork.

By offering help via any of the methods below, your company can have a direct effect on the care of sick and injured wildlife at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.

Employee Fundraising/Match funding - Would members of your staff like to raise money for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. Press releases are welcomed by the media when companies workforce take part in dress down days, 'give a hog a name', sponsored walks, marathons, skydiving, dress down days, holding a raffle or auction at one of your corporate events and any ‘unusual’ activities.

Sponsor a project: Sponsorship is a unique way of supporting wildlife and conservation and is a great way to associate your brand with one of the South of England’s leading wildlife rescue organisations. In return for sponsorship of key events or projects, we can offer a range of benefits tailored to suit your individual needs.

These can include:

• Accreditation on promotional materials and on-site

• Accreditation on website

• Invitations to key events and behind the scenes activities

• Educational wildlife talks at your offices with some of our wildlife.

Monetary Donation: This can range from a small regular donation that helps to finance the essential day-to-day work of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue to sponsoring a specific project that will always have your companies name attached to it.

Matched Giving: This is where your company matches or tops up the amount an employee raises or donates. Lots of companies now run dedicated matched giving schemes which employees can apply to. These can be capped at a set level if need be. By rewarding employees for their hard efforts, it boosts morale plus you don't have to pay corporation tax on the money you give.

Payroll Giving: Payroll Giving is a simple way for your employees to donate to a nominated charity through their salary. Giving regularly through your pay means that's Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue can plan ahead more effectively and ensure we are there to help wildlife in need.

Charity of the Year: Adopt Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue as your charity of the year and reap the benefits of 12 months continued exposure. If tied in with a Cause Related Marketing arrangement, where one of your products is specifically promoted with a proportion of the income donated to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, you can really make your customer base aware of your commitment to the community and the environment.

Gifts in Kind: Does your company provide a product that is used by Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. By donating goods you can help reduce the financial strains on the charity, and genuinely make a difference to the care provided to the sick & injured wildlife. We are always delighted to receive goods that can be used on-site, in our office or for our fundraising i.e. raffle and auction prizes. Other donations in kind include helping us with professional services such as design and printing, stationary or specialist advice and training.

Employee Volunteering: Many employers and employees like to be actively involved with corporate community investment through the donation of time and skills. The type of activity Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue can offer will depend upon the season and the number of volunteers available this could be anything from clearing a space for a new enclosure, planting trees, helping us with day to day tasks such as general maintenance to gardening. We are also happy to enrol volunteers at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, such as response drivers who help us to collect and rescue injured animals.

Cause-related marketing: This brings together the marketing objectives of your company and the charitable objectives of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.

Publicly linking with Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, demonstrates corporate social responsibility and helps to build trust, which in turn will increase customer loyalty and help to open up your business to new audiences. It can also provide a unique selling point and great PR stories. Cause-related marketing initiatives such as on-pack or in-store promotions can provide an incredible incentive for customers to select products or services to benefit the cause.

Collection boxes: We have collection boxes which we can provide you with which people can put their spare pennies in when shopping at your branches. Every little helps and it's amazing how it all adds up and every bit of money you donate will enable us to continue rescuing injured and orphaned wildlife. 

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue is committed to encouraging through education the integration of wildlife into our countryside and our gardens to enable our wildlife to exist alongside us in a natural balance. Each year we care for in excess of 1500 wildlife casualties. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve biodiversity. Many of these are injured at the hand of man either directly or indirectly. Although caring for the injured animal is our first priority we feel our school's educational program is as important. To educate children at a young age and give them a greater understanding of the wildlife that surrounds them will help them make decisions in their adult life for the longevity of our native wildlife.

We spend much of our time talking in schools reaching the next generation via worksheets, direct animal contact and talks to promote understanding and conservation of wildlife environments.

We are committed to encouraging children to care for their environment and reduce the use of pesticides by removing the myths that surround our spectacular wildlife and encouraging the next generation to learn and understand that a garden can be balanced and is a great environment for both humans and our native wildlife.

How you can help us

1 Sponsor a stall in a town centre from £800+

2 Sponsor a stall at one of our events £250

3 Put us in your newsletter or work emails with 12 regular seasonal wildlife tips for your staff.

4 Have one of our collection boxes at your office

5 Have a wildlife day at work where everyone does something eco friendly during the day and donates £1 to us

6 Have a dress down day and all the staff donate £1

7 Invite us into your office with some creatures and we will give a talk 

8 Have a collection box at your christmas party

9 Build an orphan run £28,000+

10 Name and take care of an orphan including medical bills

11 Name and support an orphan until release

12 Sponsor an intensive care cage 

13 Sponsor a hospitalisation cage

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