Donate food for wildlife


Throughout the year, we go through a lot of different cat and dog food, both wet and dry. If you have a fussy cat or dog and constantly try new food which they don't like - please think of us and send in your unused food; our cute patients are not so fussy! One sachet of cat food will feed a baby hedgehog for a day so every little really does help. No donation is too small.

We also use a lot of other foods in the rescue, especially during "baby season" (Spring/Early Summer). Esbilac and Kaytee Exact are essential when hand-rearing newborn mammals and birds. We rely on these products daily as soon as the baby season begins. Goat food is the perfect feed for fawns who are beginning to wean and become independent ready for release. Food donations mean everything to us and are an essential part of running the rescue; please think of us next time you are on Amazon by looking on our wish list and helping all our wildlife!


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