Bat: Seigfried

This is Seigfried, another really cute, tiny baby to join the night feeds. This little guy is a Long Eared Bat! We don't tend to see very many bats

come through our doors at this age - so everybody loves him! Everybody say ahhhhhhhhh!

We are hand feeding him with milk every few hours and also blended mini mealworms are a strong favourite. Not the most glamorous of food to prepare though, but all worth it to watch this little man grow. 

Seigfried is growing well and is now feeding himself - with a little help from us now and then still. He has such a cute little face and really enjoyed the attention - our little star. 


As Seigfried continued to grow rapidly, we did not want him becoming too tame with us - he needed bat company! We had a few other Long-Eared Bats in with us but they were all a lot older than him. Once he was completely self feeding and a little bigger, we popped him in with them and he snuggled up with them really quickly. 

They will all be released from our specialised bat release run on site when the time is right. 


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