Duck: Lucy & Brood

Lucky Lucy survived being hit by THREE different cars whilst trying to get her brood across a busy road to a lake. She has some grazed and

cracked bones. She is being confined with her injuries, with her ducklings until she is feeling better and we will then be releasing her on the right side of the road.

We have this problem every year, where ducks make their nest in very odd locations that are generally far from water. As soon as all the eggs have hatched, then then march their brood miles to the nearest source of water. A lot of the time, many of the ducklings don't make the journey but a few do. We receive lots of calls during this time to go out and help these guys - which we always do if we can. 

Lucy and her brood have now been moved to one of our larger, outside pre-release runs so the ducklings can get some much needed space to stretch their wings and Lucy's leg can get stronger in preparation for her to be fully released.


The fantastic couple that brought Lucy and her babies into us, came and collected her they she could release into a large pond near to where she was found. We thought it would be nice for them to carry out the final part of her release, since they were the ones that saved them in the first place! 



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