Duckling: Siemens

These three ducklings were found at Siemens in Frimley and they definitely didn't have the best start to life. We were called out by the

security team at Siemens in Frimley. They said they had seen mum with her ducklings in the car park and a fox had already taken a few of the babies. We went over straight away! 

When we got there we realised that although the team there were trying to help the situation, they were in fact getting to close and scaring mum away. Had they left her alone, she would have stayed with her babies. 

We immediately took over the situation, and because mum had left again, we had to catch the duckling. Easier said than done...they had scattered everywhere. We managed to catch one in the 3 storey car park, after a lengthy chase and some stealthy tactics from Anne and Natalie. 

The other two had ventured into a nearby housing estate and although we tried to catch them before they got under the fence, it was such a dense area of shrubbery it was near on impossible.

We then left Siemens and went round to see if anyone was at home in the houses nearby so we could access their gardens. We walked up and down the road until we could hear the familiar cheeping noises from the ducklings. We narrowed it down to one garden, and unfortunately they weren't home! Keeping the duckling we had already captured close to us, we hoped they would come to his calls. One did...the other was clearly to clever or this trick. 2 down, 1 to go. 

The lovely neighbour came out to see if there was anything she could do to help us. She could access their garden from next door, so made the decision to go in and herd the lone duckling out. After a little bit of a chase, we finally prevailed and all 3 ducklings were safe with us! 

We went back to Siemens to see if mum would come back to the her babies but she never returns - clearly too spooked to return. So we took them back to the rescue. We were both knackered by the time we got back!! All 3 angels were put into an incubator to keep them warm and given some much needed food and water. A very successful day we think! 

The picture below shows them in the final run before freedom. It’s all a bit daunting for these three orphans who sit for a whole and assess their half way home together.OUTCOME:

Once they had grown their adult feathers, these 3 were released onto a nearby pond with a few of our other orphans. They could not wait to get out the carrier and dived into the pond straight away. It is always lovely to see our orphans from hatchlings right the way through to release. 


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