Fox: Oliver

This is Oliver who came to us after being found rolling down a hill. There was a lot of confusion as to where Oliver came from, as we had

a few different people contact us with completely different stories. One person said that mum had dropped him and she could be seen but wasn't coming back for him - which she wouldn't if people were around. Another said that they had tried putting him back in the earth a few times and he kept rolling back out.

Not sure which one was correct, we took Olly in straight away for fear that he would be hungry and dehydrated. Thank G*d we did as Olly wasn't even a few days old - he still had the leftovers of the umbilical cord attached! Fox cubs cannot thermoregulate so he would not have survived much longer without heat - not to mention food too! 

Unfortunately, he is much smaller than our other fox cubs so cannot join them when he is ready. We put Oliver in with our baby squirrels - Elvin, Sophie & Peeping Patrick - for company until he is a little older - little do they know they are sleeping with the enemy! Oliver will hopefully find some foxy friends soon but he will get a lot of TLC to help him along. What a sweetie!



Oliver had quite a long stint with us as we struggled to find him some friends to be released with. Finally, we got a little girl cub in who was the same size so they were able to go into our pre-release runs together! We can't tell you how happy we were!! They were released together on site and stayed together after release too. She was very shy - as she should be - so we didn't see her as often but Oliver continued to come back for food regularly. 

We just couldn't resist sharing this picture from one of our trap camera's located in the outside runs - of a sunbathing Ollie! We wonder what he heard? What a hard life he has!?!?


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