Little Owl: Oscar

Oscar the Little Owl arrived with us after spending a few days in a chimney in Egham. The lady who found him heard scratching a few

days before and forgot about it. Having a busy toddler takes your mind off things!  When she heard the scratching a few days later she knew to investigate.

As first she thought it was a baby owl. The tiny creature stood 6 just inches tall, weighed 150g and was the smallest owl she had ever seen!

Little Owls arrived here in the 1890s from Holland. They are such characters. They are one of our few diurnal owls.  A diurnal animal is one that is active in the daytime. Their diet consists of insects, moths, caterpillars, beetles and garden birds. They are characterized by their grumpy faces and bobbing heads.

Oscar was very thin when we removed him from the fireplace and he was very dehydrated. We gave him one of Hazel’s magic potions; after a few days his weight was good and he was returned to his home.

Oscar is a very fit owl which means he is able to fend for himself well and could have a partner so it’s important that he is returned to the hunting territory he knows.

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in these little birds. Their distinctive call and daylight activities make it possible to catch a glimpse of them. They often return to the same nesting place each year so if you have them treasure them.

Their grumpy face is a quirk of nature and not a reflection of the personality of this very entertaining and adorable Little Owl!


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