Moorhen: Moorhen Madness

We have been inundated with young Moorhens this month; we now have 6 in total. These unusually fluffy and big legged chicks are an interesting

sight. naturally very wary birds, this lot are not too fond of their new care givers. 

We kept them in a larger incubator for a while to make sure they were getting enough heat throughout the day and night. We were also monitoring them throughout the day to make sure their water and god was constantly topped up - they are incredibly messy little birds and are always sitting in their water bowl. 

Four are now in an outside enclosure to give them a lot more space and time away from us. The newest member of this nutty group is staying inside for a while until she gets a little bigger and we are happy with how she is doing.

Once the group is reunited, we can start to think on release areas for them to settle into a new home.


We managed to find a suitable area where there were already quite a few Moorhens with their own chicks already present as well as many other types of water birds. We waited until we had some better weather to make sure that they had the best start possible, then we popped them all into carriers and went down there. They were a little reluctant to leave the safety of the carrier, but once the first one plucked up courage to leave the rest all followed. 


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