Peregrine Falcon: Pernelia

Pernelia - a stunning female Peregrine falcon chick - was brought into us after her first flight had seen her crash land into a building

surrounded by scaffolding far too close to her nesting site. Peregrine Falcons are born in elevated positions that survey the land around them, such as towers, light ledges and cliff tops. Their first flight with their massive wings means distance and space is essential. Peregrine Falcons are the fastest creatures on this planet.

It is inconceivable that a license was allowed to build near a known nesting site and to allow builders to encroach on the space of these spectacular birds. We are currently looking into how this license was given and why it was allowed. This amazing creature will never fly again as surgeons have so far been unable to repair the shoulder break. Pernelia’s first flight will probably be her last and all because of irresponsible construction.

Peregrine's are in schedule one (birds which are protected by special penalties) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act and appendix one in Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) which is the highest level of protection given to any species.


Pernelia was unable to be released back to the wild since she will never be able to fly properly again. We were gutted that we couldn't get her flying fit to go back to the wild. Peregrines are protected in the UK and their numbers are declining; we wanted to make sure that we could find somewhere else she could go that was suitable for her to live out her days in an environment fit for a Peregrine. We managed to find someone who has kept Peregrines before and has massive outside aviaries for her to go into and be able to get the care she needs for her wing. 

It is not the best outcome for us, but we are happy that she will have the best possible life we can give her. 


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