Swan: Ben

Mercedes Benz (or Ben for short), the male mute swan, was spotted by the security cameras at Mercedes World in Brooklands late on a Sunday

night. He was on the wrong side of the railway tracks. An eagle-eyed security man named Darren spotted the injured swan moving towards the train tracks. Ben was finding it very hard to stand and was stumbling.

The £500k plus cars at Mercedes World were temporarily unprotected while all eyes and cameras were on the distressed swan!

Male mute swans usually weigh around 12kg so there is a lot of weight on those legs and once weak the swan really is in trouble.

Mutes eat around 4kg of aquatic vegetation each day along with small fish, frogs and insects and lots of water so once stranded out of water they will become weak and dehydrated and unable to fly. At this stage they are very vulnerable to predators.

Ben didn’t have the 45 meters of clear runway to take off and get him to safety and was clearly in pain and getting weak.

Darren called us for help. When we arrived Jamie and Darren had already scaled the railway fence and captured the injured giant.

Ben had a deep wound in his chest and was very dehydrated. He drank over two gallons of water on arrival and ate a whole bowl of lettuce, brown bread and wheat.

He was clearly used to being fed by humans and was relaxed but found our rescue centre a strange place to be. He was treated and confined to sterile baths for a week and after a course of antibiotics he was ready to go.

Swans pair for life and it may be that Ben’s mate was killed when he was injured but we just didn’t know.


With this in mind we started to try and find Ben’s mate and his home. The average life of a swan in the wild can be up to 8 years but they can live for 20 years. They also get depressed on their own and it was important to get Ben fit and well and back where he belonged. We tried to find a mate at the nearest pond to his accident but couldn’t, so after a lot of searching, we released him with a whole flock at Windsor. He shot into the water with such enthusiasm and rolled and splashed for ages.

He will probably rest for a while there and then resume searching for a partner. We wish him luck; he is now back where he belongs thanks to the guys at Mercedes World. Well Done!

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