Swift: Taylor and Jonathan

These two - Taylor and Jonathan - came in from separate locations after being found on the floor. They are juveniles so we can only imagine

that they were fledging the nest and it didn't quite go according to plan. Swifts have very short legs and so cannot take off from the ground. They need to be placed high above the ground so they can drop and swoop into flight instead of taking off from a surface like other birds. 

These two will be released with our others soon and join a flock heading for South Africa. Swifts are just absolutely amazing birds; flying for 2 years non-stop before returning to land for a short period to breed. Although they are beautiful birds with a massive wing span, you would be shocked if you caught a glimpse of their legs. Swifts have incredibly stumpy little legs which means that they cannot take off from the ground and struggle to walk, hence they spend most of their life in the air.

They have settled in well but are still very underweight and a little stubborn when it comes to feeding. But, with a little - or a lot - of persistence from us, they should start to put on weight in time for when they have to get back in the air and start their journey home.


We managed to get these two to a healthy weight ready for release. We then found a group of Swifts that hadn't left for South Africa and went down to see if they were ready to go. They were fantastic! As soon as we placed them high up, they took off straight away and joined the others. We hope that they make it to South Africa safely!


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