Tawny Owl: Hannah

Hannah is a Tawny Owl and was found on the centre reservation of the M3. She is very weak and has a poorly eye which must be quite

painful for her. We started tube feeding her as she just didn't have enough energy to feed herself, and we were worried that we would lose her. She is looking a lot stronger now and is now standing up and gripping well.

Fingers crossed she has the strength to pull through. 

We began administering eye drops daily to alleviate some of the discomfort she was in and begin the healing process for her eye. We also started her on a course of antibiotics as we weren't sure if there were any infections that had taken root that we couldn't see. 

After 1 week, her eye looked much better. It was still a little swollen, but the redness has disappeared and she was feeding herself.


We released Hannah back into the area that she came from. Tawny Owls tend to stay in pairs so we didn't know whether she had a partner that was waiting her return. She had a relatively brief period with us so hopefully he hadn't missed her too much!


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