Fundraising Volunteers

As a charity, we are continually fundraising to keep up with our running costs and to enable us to improve our service. We are always looking for new ways to generate funds. We attend many events and always need help. This would be a home-based role with office support, attending events mainly at weekends and holidays. If you are organised and enjoy meeting people please get in touch. This role can involve a wide variety of things and can be carried out within the office or at home. Fundraising on behalf of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue could be promoting our membership, adoption & donation options at events, online or in the community, organising fundraising events or carrying out a sponsored task.

If you are interested please fill in the form below and click submit* and we will contact you to come in and meet with us and find out more about the role. *Once you have clicked submit the form will automatically be sent to us. Don't panic if nothing appears to happens, we try and contact you within 14 days. Thank You 

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