Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue is a registered wildlife charity that works 24/7, 365 days a year to rescue, rehabilitate and release the country’s native wildlife. From tiny birds, dormice and hedgehogs, to deer, foxes and badgers, we always help where we can. Our team is very close and we have a strong focus on communication. All of the volunteers are  passionate and understand the difficulties that our wildlife face.

We realised that whilst our primary concern is caring for wild animals, we also need to educate people on the creatures we share our space with, so we regularly visit schools and organisations to talk about wildlife and its role, but also it’s value in the community. We don't charge a fee for our talks, as we want to share our work. Wildlife is essential for people’s wellbeing and health, sometimes its value is not understood in the virtual world of smartphones and computers; by helping people to reconnect and access the value of wildlife, we can  help more animals directly. Experience and openness has allowed us to grow and adapt treatments, as well as develop programs for specific species which gives them the best possible chance when we return them to the wild.

To address some of the lack of understanding round us we organise ‘Wildlife Rocks' and  with the 'Save Me Trust' we run campaigns that focus on specific species. Our current awareness campaign is called #AmazingGrace This campaign is focusing on the plight of the European Hedgehog and how their numbers have declined rapidly from around 30.5 million to just under one million; they could be extinct in the UK by 2025! Our rescue works with the local community, to educate people on the contribution hedgehogs make to our lives and how people can encourage and support them. The campaign is proving to be a hit with schools, developers and the wider community, therefore this is something that the Rescue will look to continue in the future. 

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