Chris & Reta

Hello our names are Reta and Chris. We are a mother and daughter team who for several years given ill and unwanted animals a forever home. These have included dogs, birds, tortoises, a cat,

rabbits, guinea pigs and many more little furry friends. Reta is, at this moment, helping out our vets with baby birds and ones that just need a few spa days. It's a wonderful feeling to see them leave to start there next adventures ON OUR BIRD TABLE!!!

Chris is the manager of The Petfood Kingdom in Windlesham (handy place to work with our pet food bills). We try to help the smaller rescues as much as possible with food and other essentials. Our aim is to help the animals!!

In our spare five minutes we both like to knit, make and collect items to help rescues with fundraising.

We have picked this picture of Dick and Dot just two of our success stories as they are much better looking than us!!! 

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