Linda Dean

I've been helping HAWR with fundraising of late; doing fairs and fetes and stuff. I also do two afternoons in an RSPCA shop (in North Camp) and walk greyhounds once a week at a retired racers

rescue. I have 2 greyhounds from the rescue. Joe is 7 and I've had him for 3 years and Cloud is a new arrival. She is 8 years old and I am currently teaching an old dog new tricks!! She is a joy and though she was grieving for her owner when we first got her, she is now a happy little girl and very young at heart.

We have foxes come to the garden every night for their supper and we have badgers nearby. I have known to go out with the North Downs Hunt Sabs, but I think I may have been sacked now for being too slow!!! I am vegan, as I love all animals. 

I excel at -  being vegan without trying to convert everyone.

I don’t excel at - promoting veganism.

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