Michaela Cam

I have only just joined HAWR and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Everyone is so dedicated and easy to get along with. I have been volunteering with domestic animals for the

last 11 years, which I still do, alongside a full time job. I have wanted to get involved with with wildlife for a long time and the opportunity to foster hedgehogs in liaison with my local vets came up a couple of months ago. They do the medical stuff & I do the rest until they are ready to be released. It is so rewarding to play a small part in helping wildlife. 

I currently have 4 cats (Shadow, Tilly, Ziggy & Flora), a quality of life foster cat via RSPCA called Cassie & a rabbit called Arthur - all my animals are rescued. 


I excel at - anything I love doing.

I don’t excel at - patience with ignorant people.

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