Rachel Barker

My love of nature has very much been handed down to me from my dad and together we have helped bats, amongst other wildlife, who have needed help in the garden. This love of animals caused me

to seek out a wildlife rescue where I could do more to help and I found the wonderful team at HAWR in early 2017. I enjoy cleaning out and feeding the animals - especially seeing the hedgehogs on the mend, tucking into a good meal is wonderful.

Spreading awareness at events is also very important to me - the more people on board to help out wildlife, the better! 

Day to day I work as a dance teacher and hobbies include bird watching and going for lovely walks in the countryside ... perhaps ending up at the pub! 

I excel at - organisation. 

I don’t excel at - keeping emotionally detached from wildlife.

Tags: bats, needed, meet, helped, nature, love, team, wildlife, garden, animals
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