Mouse: Pete, Debbie, Libby & Frankie

The lovely Pete turned into an animal rescuer this week when he discovered four baby mice after relocating a garden shed! He did

everything correctly and waited for a while in the hope that mum would return, but sadly she never came back for her babies. 

They are so, so cute and are doing really well! They are all really wiggly and doing everything they should be. Thank you Pete for our lovely new cuties!

They have just started to open their eyes so will be able to feed themselves very, very soon. For now, we are topping them up with a little milk throughout the day just to get them through the initial few days.

They have settled in well and we rarely see them because they are so quick! This little one graced us with his presence for a quick drink

Sometimes if it wasn't for the tiny crumbs and droppings left behind, it would definitely feel like you have been cleaning an empty cage for weeks! These guys have learnt to dart under cover at the slightest sign of movement so catching a photo is hard. However, with some patience, we managed to get another glimpse of one!



These 4 were released into a large woodpile we have on site. There are lots of other mice living in and around it, so they will settle in perfectly. 


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