Ducklings: 23

We have swarm of Ducklings here at the rescue - not that we are complaining! They came in from various clutches and different

circumstances - but all are roughly the same age.

A few were caught by cats and brought indoors to their owners who, thankfully, whisked them away and got them to us. We had a whole clutch of 8 and a clutch of 5 too. The clutches were found roaming around near very busy roads - some kind people managed to catch them all and keep them safe. We dread to think what the outcome would have been, had they just driven by. 

These guys are loving life; they started off with us in the incubators but soon outgrew the need for those and were moved to a larger cage in the rescue, now they are a little older they spend the evenings indoors in the safety of the rescue but get on of our large outdoor runs during the day. They have lots of space to roam and forage which is fantastic for them. 

Ducklings are very used to roaming for long distances. Mum will make them walk to the nearest water source, often miles away, within hours of hatching. 

Inevitably, she will lose a few along the way but most will make the journey safe and sound.



All our beautiful ducklings are now in the safe hands of Swan Support for their pre-release! They have amazing specialised runs that are perfect for these guys to be able to have the space they need and also they can release them from the runs. 



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